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NEW!  NO MORE FLARES!™ Our new  VDSD SOSeFLARE™ Beacon for boaters. Marine Distress signal Flare replacement light or kit. Kit is a complete compliance kit, Fulfills USCG Night, Day, and audible distress signal requirements for recreational boats, kayaks, jetskis.
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NEW! No more flares!


Boaters SOS eVDS, USCG compliant Electronic Flare/Distress Light and/or signal kit

Latest version: 5th generation of USCG compliant electronic SOS light, utilizing the latest, brightest LED. Manufactured by the MOST experienced company; Over 100,000+ USCG flare replacement lights manufactured & sold. The only one made in the USA.

The MOST complete distress signal compliance kit that fulfills Night, Day, and Audible distress signal requirements. Save money, eliminate buying flares. No expiration date, a one-time purchase. Get compliant with Tektite SOSeFlare. Works right out of the box (batteries included). Vessels smaller than 16 feet (including kayaks & jetskis) must carry a Night Visual Distress Signal, making the Tektite SOSeFlare the BEST option for all small boats. Family safe and easy to use (no burning flame). Small and light enough to be used for any outdoor emergency rescue: Backpacking, Hunting, Backcountry Skiing, Kayaking, private Aviation, Fishing, PFD, Snorkeling, Man Overboard, SCUBA diving.

  • Made in USA (the ONLY one!)(complies with the "Buy American Act", may contain imported components).  
  • Includes Night Visual Distress Signal for Boats. Complies with U.S. Coast Guard Requirements in 46 CFR 161.013 to replace flares, and SOLAS/COLREGS Annex IV (1:d) as a distress signal.
  • Includes US made user replaceable CR123 Lithium Batteries (10-year shelf life), Operating temp. range of 85°C/185°F to -40°C/-40°F (can’t do that with Alkaline).
  • Includes IR LED, and thermal signature, for extra visibility for search aircraft with night vision equipment.
  • Includes A Float Plan APP for your phone, download free from Google Play and Apple store.
  • Kit Includes Daytime USCG/SOLAS* compliant distress flag, 36”x36”, Marine USCG/SOLAS compliant audible whistle signal.
  • Kit Includes easy to install storage clip, keeps your distress signal within easy reach.
  • The smallest and most lightweight of all the competition. Easy to hold, fly, and carry.
  • No bulky fragile foam floats, automatically rights itself and floats upright in the water.
  • Maintains a minimum peak equivalent fixed intensity of 75 cd for 6 hours, and runs 36 hours or more, hundreds of times longer than flares, 6 times USCG requirements.
  • 360° visibility for miles.
  • Waterproof IP68 500ft/152m submersion, double O-ring sealed.
  • ResQ Orange fluorescent housing for excellent visibility.
  • Reliable, simple, self-cleaning twist-on switch.
  • Completely serviceable/repairable.
  • No issues with stringent mandatory disposal requirements for expired pyrotechnic flares  
  • CE (European Union compliant), RoHS Compliant
  • Materials: ABS and LEXAN®

The Tektite SOSeFlare™ is a compliant Night electronic Visual Distress Signal, or eVDS, meeting the requirements of 46 CFR 161.013 (Electric Distress Light for Boats). In addition, the KIT package includes a Distress Flag that meets the requirements of 46 CFR 160.072, providing an approved Day Visual Distress Signal, as well as a SOLAS/USCG compliant whistle that fulfills the audible signal carriage requirement.

The KIT included Distress Flag is for signaling during daylight hours. It can be attached to the mast, antenna, or hoisted to the highest point on the vessel. Alternatively, it can be waved by hand, tied to a boat hook, paddle, or fishing rod, or laid flat on the deck to attract the attention of aircraft. To display the flag correctly, show with the black square over the black circle.

*SOLAS stands for Safety Of Life At Sea international rules.

P/N 2C-1005    © Tektite Industries, Inc. 2023

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