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LED replacement bulb for the TEKNA® Mono-Lith, Micro-Lite, Micro-Lith and Lite 2.

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LED replacement bulb for the  TEKNA® Mono-Lith*, TEKNA® Micro-Lite* and TEKNA® Lite 2* (TEKNA #T-2005 & 14260).

This LED lamp is slightly brighter than a standard #222 lamp, with 3,000 times the bulb life, and 10 times the battery life. It is designed ONLY for 3 volt applications (2 x 1.5volt, or one 3 volt lithium battery) Center contact is POSITIVE (+) only.

Fits some other 2-cell mini flashlights by Dorcy, Craftsman, and others.

6mm SC Midget Flange base. 3v,  30ma, 1/2" long X 1/4" diam., 15,000 hour life.

* For TEKNA® Lites, use the 222/L222 bulb if your original bulb has a screw base, or the Trek™ 200LED Bulb if your original bulb has a smooth sides. 

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P/N 2C-LED2105

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