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The TEKNA® Security Card™ is a small, credit card size knife that easily fits in your pocket, a wallet, or a purse.

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The TEKNA® Security Card is a small, credit card size knife that easily fits in your pocket, a wallet, or a purse. The extra-wide 425 stainless steel blade slides in and out using a low profile button and is 5 1/2" (14 cm) long when fully extended. Made in the U.S.A. (complies with the "Buy American Act", may contain imported components). 1 year warranty.

Single, or Double (Wicked) edge.





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Retractable knife
- 05/01/2021
Other than being plastic and rather cheaply made, overall I like the knife.Double edged and very sharp
Blade does not lock open
- 12/10/2020
Blade lock does not keep the Blade locked open
We have to get back to 1985
- 08/16/2020
Had this knife back in the 80s and loved it!!! Lost to time and for whatever reason thought about it the other day. So, I thought I would look it up and there it was. Really cool fat little blade tucked in a slim case. Came in a little Tekna knife holder storage "briefcase" kinda cheesy but it did put a smile on my face. It's just as cool now as I thought it was then. Glad it's still available!
- 11/21/2019
Tekna is a good, solid knife
There when you need it.
- 08/15/2018
Great little knife. Wanted one for years got one, lost it and then saw it was available again so I got 2. One of my favorite old shows, SOF Inc. used one and having one bring back memories. Shape out of the case, a nice touch, the knife comes with a padded case. Only used mine to open a bag of soup so far but I know I will do more with it. Worth, to me anyways, more than I paid for it. Very covert. In fact I went to a family court trial with it. I keep mine in my wallet and since my wallet didn't got throread more
Heavy and hard to hold
- 11/12/2015
Heavy and hard to hold.Would not like to push too hard on handle since no 'purchase' (grip).The concept of a 'billfold knife' doesn't hold up.This is to throw in a car kit, maybe.
Really great product. Made a gift of it to a ...
- 11/03/2015
Really great product. Made a gift of it to a friend who rides the subway at night. Now I can't find another. Tremendous value for an excellent self defense item.Far better than the ones offered elsewhere.
easily accessible knife to carry in a back pocket
- 06/11/2015
I wanted a flat, easily accessible knife to carry in a back pocket; it would have replaced a very basic, slim folding knife I have carried for years: slim as it is, the TEKNA is slimmer - and the blade is quite excellent.Two design flaws have relegated my TEKNA to a catch-all drawer: (1) bits of the everyday grit that finds its way into my jeans pockets also find its way into the the knife's slender housing resulting in a grinding sound whenever I slide the blade out of its sheath (no amount of dry lubricread more
If you grew up in the eighties you probably want one.
- 05/30/2015
As a kid that grew up in the eighties I wanted one of these knives, Its everything I imagined it to be.Now do keep in mind that this is purely a weapon, this knife is double edged and made to slash other human-beings,regardless of what the manufacturer may claim.Its VERY sharp, compact, and very fast. It is easy to accidentally cut yourself on a knife like this and with a little extra honing you have a double sided straight razor...treat the knife accordingly.
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